​Radient Technologies Inc. (RTI:CA) Launches RTI Global Health & Wellness Solutions and Appoints Industry Experts to Management Team

Radient Technologies Inc. (TSX VENTURE:RTI) is pleased to announce the launch of its RTI Global Health and Wellness Solutions business unit and the appointments of its leadership team: Christine O’Neil, David Lafond, PhD., and Jean-Pierre Montmayeur, PhD.

The follow-up to the development work done by Radient over the last ten years with first tier partners in the health, wellness, and nutrition spaces, RTI Global Health and Wellness Solutions represents the direct application of Radient’s platforms to address the challenges faced by brands in developing high quality, differentiated, naturally-derived products. Supported by Radient’s patented MAP™ technology as well as its expertise in working with plant extracts, RTI Global Health and Wellness Solutions will improve the cost structure and quality of customers’ products, and enable the development of novel products. To those ends, RTI Global Health and Wellness Solutions is actively pursuing partnerships, co-branding, and direct investments in emerging technologies.

Christine O’Neil is joining the RTI Global Health and Wellness Solutions team as Senior Vice President, Corporate Development and has been assigned the responsibility of building the RTI Global Health and Wellness brand. She has held significant business development and senior executive positions over the past 30 years for firms such as: Johnson & Johnson, BASF/Cognis, Hoechst/Nutrinova, DSM/Tosoh, Chromocell Corporation, Ajinomoto and Dow Chemical. In these roles, she has had the responsibility for managing organizations and developing and launching new business platforms in the health & nutrition, biotechnology and specialty ingredient markets with leading firms such as: The Coca-Cola Company, Nestle, Kellogg, PepsiCo, Wrigley/MARS, Danone, General Mills and many others.

David Lafond comes to the RTI Global Health and Wellness Solutions team as Managing Director, Global Innovation with almost 40 years of experience in food research and development. He will be engaged with building an innovation pipeline for the Corporation through new opportunity discovery. Over his successful career, he worked for Kraft, Quaker Oats, Keebler and the Kellogg Company. He holds a Ph.D. in Food Science from Michigan State University where he studied physical properties of fiber and related them in clinical work to hormonal signaling for appetite control. He also has an MBA from Lake Forest Graduate School with emphasis in finance and marketing.

Jean-Pierre (“JP”) Montmayeur joins RTI Global Health and Wellness Solutions as Director, Innovation. JP will be tasked with supporting the build out of the innovation pipeline as well as corporate development activities. His recent role was novel ingredient research as a Senior Scientist at The Cola-Coca Company. JP has over 15 years of experience in bioscience research and technology exploration from both academia and the food and beverage industry. He began his professional career as a principal investigator with the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) where he built a research laboratory investigating taste detection mechanisms. JP has co-authored numerous scientific publications and book chapters on the chemosenses such as smell, taste and nociception. JP holds a Ph.D. in molecular biology form the University of Strasbourg in France.

“On behalf of the Board of Directors and Management, I would like to welcome Christine, Dave and Jean-Pierre to the Radient executive team. They bring a tremendous wealth of experience as a management team and will accelerate the RTI Health and Wellness Global Solutions business plan by bringing innovation to the world’s largest consumer brands,” said Denis Taschuk, President and CEO of Radient.

About Radient

Radient extracts natural compounds from a range of biological materials using microwave assisted processing (“MAP™”), a patented technology platform which provides superior customer outcomes in terms of ingredient purity, yield, and cost. From its 20,000 square foot manufacturing plant in Edmonton, Alberta, Radient serves market leaders in industries that include pharmaceutical, food, beverage, natural health and personal care markets. Visit www.radientinc.com for more information.

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