10 mobile apps for business training

As a business owner, you must be willing to learn new skills of handling the challenges that come with running a business. Mobile training apps offer a convenient and inexpensive way of training yourself on how to run your business that keeps on changing. This article presents a list of 10 mobile apps for business education and training. These apps cover a broad range of business related subjects and topics. Some of them are structured business training and course applications while you can use the others for casual learning. They cover a broad range of business topics and other related subjects.

  1. Learning to-Go

This business training app by intersog offers a broad range of business apps including the business reference library, ecommerce, business essentials, a full finance learning course, small business guide, full business learning course, pocket CFO, and pocket MBA. Some of the apps incorporates tests, flash cards and text. You can get it on your android at a small fee.

  1. Sandler Training

Sandler training is an iPhone app that supplements its business training programs. The good thing with this app is that you can use it as a stand-alone business tool. The apps offer leadership development and sales tips and you can find it on your iPhone at a very small fee.

  1. Udemy

Udemy focuses on offering more focused classes and corporate business training. In business that is aiming towards incorporate MOOCs in its training process must have this application. You can access it on both Android and iOS versions and learners can take thousands of courses using this app. As a viewer, you can watch educative presentations on the go, save courses so that you can view them offline and even view articles. However, you must use the website interface of Udemy if you want to create content. You cannot track progress or learners using this app.

  1. Curatr

This teaching tool can be used by business owners who possess their own content and want to teach others. Users find this app to be highly engaging as it converts the training into a social game. The attributes of Curatr include levels-systems, experience-points, and the social curation that motivates and engages the user. The basic edition of this app is free on iPhone but you can call for the enterprise edition.

  1. Busuu.com

This is a free site for learning language. Each course has more than 3000 key phrases and words and 150 topics that base on the day to day situations. You can access an all-inclusive audio-visual learning material plus interactive tests, dialogues, and vocabulary. The free version of this app comes with 20 complete learning units. However, you can still purchase some additional content and the app is available for iPhone and android at no cost.

  1. Skill Pill

This is a free app that allows you to view a free two-minute training clip dubbed “pills” that will help the user to reinforce his business skills. You can use products like Pocked Guru or Mobile MBA to view paid content of this app. Some of the topics include change, technology, operations, human capital, accounting, finance, marketing and strategy. Companies can also use Skill Pill to create their personal content. You can get this app on your iPhone or android. You get access to this app free of charge but you have to pay for the content.

  1. iTunes U

This app brings for a distribution system for all things including tours, audio books, labs, and language lessons. It has more than 350,000 free tutorials and videos among other resources. You can get it on your iPhone at no cost.  

  1. American Express Open Forum

This open forum has events, discussion boards, videos, and articles whose information inspires business owners. It provides a hub for insights and ideas from the experts of the industry among other tools that can help business owners to generate relevant leads. Anyone can get access to these new insights and content. Card holders of American Express Open can also get access to additional special features. You can find them on iPhone or android free of charge.

  1. Cisco WebEx Meeting Center

The service offers free mobile apps for the web conferencing platform it owns. Apart from it being a conferencing tool, it also hosts hundreds educational webinars. Most of these webinars are related to business. However, they also cover other subjects such as culture, arts, fitness, and health. You can also find them free on your android or iPhone.

  1. Lynda.com

This system has an iPhone app that you can use to access its online video training library. It has hundreds of business subjects you can choose from among other subjects like web design and graphics. Each video can run for 30 minutes to several hours. The app is not absolutely free as you may be required to pay a small monthly subscription fee.

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Mobile apps for business training can assist any entrepreneur to increase his knowledge in business. You can get some of the new updated apps from apksmania.me. All you need is an app that will meet your business training needs with a lot of precision.

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