2017 World University Games Basketball: USA vs. Argentina

Good morning! The World university Games officially started yesterday with the Opening Ceremonies. Today the competion begins in earnest of as Purdue plays the first of its 8 games. The first five will be in pool play, with the final three for classification purposes and the Gold medal.

Today we face off agaisnt Argentina, a country that has seen an explosion in basketball’s popularity thanks to Manu Ginobili and the Argentine National Team winning gold at the 2004 Olympics in Athens.

Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about this Argentine team. Purdue had to go to overtime against Canada in its second exhibition, but handled Norway quite easily on Friday. It is unlikely the anyone has a player that can match up to Isaac Haas physically, so that will be a huge advantage. Vince Edwards has also been playing extremely well.

As a note, here is what Boiler Ball has had to say about a live stream:

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