26 media platforms shamed for attacking UAE

The named media have been ‘full of lies against the countries calling to combat terrorism’

Dubai: UAE citizens have named and shamed 26 media, centres, websites and online accounts used by Qatar to smear the reputation of other countries.

“Qatar has been concocting lies about the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states for the last 20 years,” the two-minute clip said.

The named media have been “full of lies against the countries calling to combat terrorism”.

The clip said that Qatar has been funding the 26 media platforms and fake accounts to attack the UAE specifically.

Qatar has been regularly accused of using its soft power, including media platforms, to further its own agenda and destablise targeted countries.

The platforms named in the clip are UAE71, Emirati Affairs, Emirates Now, EMASC, the UAE Omma Party (Islamist), British-based Emirates Centre for Human Rights, the London-based International Campaign for Freedoms in the UAE, Mutathaminoon account, UAE Mujtahid account, Zayed account, Arab Affairs, Al Hewar Television, Al Eslah Call, Seven Citizens, Al Khaleej Affairs, Arab 21 news site, New Khaleej, Cairo Gate, Watan, Al Arabi Al Jadeed, WAM Times News, Rasd Network, Middle East Eye, Gulf Centre for Human Rights, Amnesty UAE, and Turkey-based Barq for Research and Studies.

The UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, on June 5 severed its diplomatic relations with Qatar for supporting extremists and terrorism.

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