34 Westfield Middle School students’ ISTEP+ math scores affected by calculator issue

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WESTFIELD, Ind.– Officials at Westfield Middle School say some students’ ISTEP+ scores for the math portion of the test will remain undetermined.

During the test, 34 students were provided access to use a calculator on a certain portion. Westfield Washington Schools says the instructions on the test allowed the use of calculators. The test was administered by Pearson Education, who was selected by the Indiana Department of Education.

“Westfield Middle School has documentation that WMS was in compliance with instructions from Pearson Education. Despite a string of appeals to the IDOE and documentation that clearly shows the error was with the instructions from Pearson not WMS, the IDOE instructed WMS to invalidate these math tests. Many schools throughout the state were impacted by Pearson Education’s error,” a school spokesperson said in a statement.

The affected students won’t face any negative impacts by the scores and won’t need to retake any portion of the exam. Westfield Middle School was the only school affected in this school district, but others in Indiana have been impacted by the error.

Westfield Washington Schools says this may cause the middle school to not meet its 95% participation rate, which could result in a lower letter grade for the school and district.

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