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If the Celtics-Cavaliers trade goes through, Boston will get Kyrie Irving from the Cleveland Cavaliers. And the Cavs? Well they get Isaiah Thomas, two other players, a Brooklyn Nets draft pick and $29.1 million in tax savings. Try telling fans your team traded an all-star in order to save on taxes. That’ll fly like a lead balloon.

Major League Baseball’s first “Little League Classic” was played last weekend, and the Pittsburgh Pirates defeated the St. Louis Cardinals 6-3. The game was played at a minor-league stadium in Williamsport, Pa., not on a Little League-size field, as you may have expected. But just once, how fun would it be to see two major-league teams playing on a kid-sized field?

The Nationals’ bullpen has gone from a liability to strength this season, in large part because of the addition of former Virginia pitcher Sean Doolittle. The Nationals were named Major League Baseball’s “Bullpen of the week” last week. Apparently that’s a real honor.

Tim Raines and Ivan Rodriguez will be added to the Nationals’ Ring of Honor. Raines never played for the Nationals, but he was a part of the franchise when it was in Montreal. And Rodriguez played just 155 games over two seasons in Washington. There were a lot of dark days for the Nationals pre-Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper. It’s hard to remember the bright spots.

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