The world gets a glimpse of the Charlottesville suspect


Police say James Alex Fields was the driver behind Saturday’s scene of madness when a car mowed down demonstrators on a Charlottesville, Va., street, killing one and injuring several others. On Monday, the jailed 20-year-old from Ohio has his first court appearance. The horror in the staid hometown of the University of Virginia came amid a chaotic and violent weekend centered around white nationalist protests over the planned removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee. Fields’ fellow citizens of Maumee, outside Toledo, were quick to tell the USA TODAY Network: He doesn’t represent us. 

  • Residents of Charlottesville mourn a day after violent 'Unite the Right' rally

    Residents of Charlottesville mourn a day after violent ‘Unite the Right’ rally

  • Shreveport's Vigil for Charlottesville

    Shreveport’s Vigil for Charlottesville

  • Watch: Charlottesville rally organizer run off from press conference

    Watch: Charlottesville rally organizer run off from press conference

  • McAuliffe: Political rhetoric breeding bigotry, hatred

    McAuliffe: Political rhetoric breeding bigotry, hatred

  • Report: Charlottesville suspect's mom thought Rally was about Trump

    Report: Charlottesville suspect’s mom thought Rally was about Trump

  • Interview at church half mile from James Alex Fields Jr.'s last known address

    Interview at church half mile from James Alex Fields Jr.’s last known address


Closing arguments expected in Taylor Swift trial

Taylor Swift’s he-said-she-said groping trial raced to an end Friday with a major victory for Swift: A judge threw out the lawsuit filed against her by the ex-Denver DJ she says groped her in 2013. However, Swift’s mother and management team remain defendants in David Mueller’s lawsuit and the suit will go to the jury. On Monday, the eight-member jury is expected to return and hear instructions and closing arguments.


Fans line up early to watch the civil trial between pop star Taylor Swift and her courtroom opponent, former DJ David Mueller. Mueller contends Swift cost him his job, while she alleges he groped her at an event four years ago. (Aug. 11)

Can an infamous Bronco produce serious bucks? Find out on ‘Pawn Stars’

The white Ford Bronco that carried O.J. Simpson in that infamous 1994 slow-speed chase in Los Angeles is the featured item Monday on Pawn Stars. “I try and stay away from stuff (connected to) bad people, but it’s so iconic,” Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison tells USA TODAY. The NFL legend was accused and later acquitted of killing his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and a friend of hers, Ron Goldman. Simpson is now up for release from prison for a subsequent robbery conviction. The episode airs at 10 p.m. ET/ PT on the History Channel.

‘Pawn Stars’ regulars Rick Harrison, left, and Chumlee Russell inspect the Ford Bronco driven in the 1994 slow-speed chase of O.J. Simpson. (Photo: A&E Networks)

MLB pitcher retakes the mound after cancer curveball

Take that, cancer. Colorado Rockies pitcher Chad Bettis is back after completing chemotherapy for testicular cancer in May. The right-hander is slated to start the Denver home game Monday night versus Atlanta. Bettis had a testicle removed in November after the original diagnosis. But the cancer subsequently spread, leading to chemotherapy starting in March. Of his comeback, Rockies manager Bud Black observes, “What a great story.” Bettis went 14-8 for the Rockies last year.

Colorado Rockies starting pitcher Chad Bettis hasn’t been on a big league mound since Sept. 30. (Photo: Jake Roth, USA TODAY Sports)

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ premieres after controversy

Following a halt in production in June to investigate allegations of misconduct, Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise is set for a two-night premiere beginning Monday. The Bachelor‘s Corinne Olympos had claimed she was “a victim” in alleged conduct implied as an alcohol-fueled sexual assault. DeMario Jackson of The Bachelorrette, who found himself at the center of the allegations, said they were false. Warner Bros. found no evidence of misconduct but, said it did not intend to release footage of the encounter.


Corinne Olympios says she wants to move on from the “Bachelor in Paradise” scandal that prompted producers to suspend production of the show earlier this month.


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