9 Investigates: Altamonte Springs officer resigns, keeps pension amid 2 investigations

by: Karla Ray

An Altamonte Springs police officer, who 9 Investigates exposed at the center of an alleged ticket fix, will keep his pension even though he resigned in order to avoid getting fired.

Investigative reporter Karla Ray uncovered the officer was under two investigations at the same time.

The second internal affairs report put an end to Kristoffor Tomich’s career in the police department.

Tomich resigned after the department revealed plans to fire him, which means he will get to keep his pension.

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He was told he would be demoted because of the first internal affairs investigation after the department realized he intentionally dropped evidence to make sure a ticket he wrote to the department’s public information officer would be thrown out.

But it was a Facebook message sent a year ago to a woman who was in a car he pulled over that forced him to submit his resignation Tuesday, ending his 11-year career.

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The message said, “I enjoyed meeting you tonight. Your boyfriend should drive more carefully when you’re in the car though. You’re also beautiful.”

Records show he was about to be fired in part because internal affairs found, “Tomich has shown a pattern of conduct to use his position to initiate contact with females for personal purposes.”

It was referring to misuse of the DAVID database two years ago when he looked up another officer’s sister whom he was interested.

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The woman he contacted told internal affairs she believed the messages were sent from a “dummy” page because she found another Facebook page belonging to Tomich that showed he was married with a pregnant wife.

The woman said the messages were “quite unnerving because of his position of authority.”

When asked by investigators about the messages, he described the woman as “the highlight of the traffic stop.”

When asked if he felt it was appropriate to use someone’s personal information given to him for a law enforcement purpose to later find them on social media, he said, “I don’t know how to answer that.” 

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