Aberdeen community councils opposed to planned energy from waste incinerator walk out of group

Community councils have walked out of a stakeholder group claiming they have been used like “pawns” by a local authority.

Torry, Kincorth, Nigg and Cove Community Councils have been vocal in their opposition to a controversial £120 million incinerator, planned for East Tullos.

The facility will generate heat and power to provide low-cost energy from waste which cannot be recycled.

It was reported the plant would be able to take in 150,000 tonnes of waste a year collected by Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire and Moray Councils.

Aberdeen City Council approved plans for the project last year but have been met with fierce opposition from members of the community over fears for the potential impact on health.

The community councils have been part of a stakeholder group as part of the energy from waste project, but dramatically pulled out of the group.

In a joint statement by the community councils, they said: “From day one, we have been united in voicing our opposition to the energy from waste proposals on grounds of health, air quality and infrastructure, but despite submitting substantial documentation from profes-sional bodies, Aberdeen City Council decided to go ahead with its plans.

“We feel we have nothing to gain by continuing to attend the stakeholder group meetings as we feel that we are being used as pawns by Aberdeen City Council who indicate that we are all on board with project when it is clear that we are not and never have been.”

A city council spokesman said: “The objective of the stakeholder group is to encourage discussion between interested parties of issues relating to the proposal to develop an Energy from Waste facility at East Tullos.

“It endeavours to ensure there is relevant and appropriate communication with the local community.

“It is disappointing that the community councils do not feel that the information provided and discussion had to date has been beneficial to their understanding of the project.”

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