Advanced Blending Solutions offers high tech job opportunities in the U.P.

WALLACE, Mich. (WLUC) – Advanced Blending Solutions in Menominee County was awarded on spot on Michigan’s “50 companies to watch list”.

The manufacturing company in Wallace designs and fabricates machines that allow other companies to produce plastics for their products.

Founded in 2009 with 12 employees, they currently employee about one hundred people. Company officials say that they are always hiring but that with their recent expansion there will be even more positions available than usual. The company prides itself on being a high tech job opportunity for those who want to work in the U.P.

About 85% of their product is shipped to companies in the U.S., but their products can be found on 5 continents in 17 countries.

Michael Rasner is the founder and CEO of ABS.

“We’re building machines that handle the raw plastic pellets to feed it to a process that melts the plastic to form it into some type of product.”

It’s not as complicated as that sounds. The company basically makes machines that make plastic.

The majority of the companies using their equipment are in the carpeting industry as well as food and medical packaging.

Rasner points out that the company is a great destination for those wanting high tech jobs but who want to stay in the U.P.

“We’re still looking for good talent because we’re continuing to see growth in demand for our products.”

Today ABS celebrated the opening of a 40,000 square foot expansion onto it’s manufacturing facility.

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