Newton, Mass., Sept. 21, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Adviser Investments has been ranked #32 on Barron’s list of “The Top 100 Independent Advisors” in its Sept. 18, 2017 issue. The ranking is based on a combination of factors including size, revenues and the quality of the practices as determined by Barron’s editors.

Inclusion on this list places Adviser Investments among the country’s elite independent money managers. But what distinguishes the firm from many of the other ranked advisers is its focus on a broad swath of the investing public—including retirees as well as emerging affluent individuals and families—rather than just high-net-worth investors.

“We’ve always believed that you shouldn’t have to be a high-net-worth client to access institutional-quality asset-management services,” said Adviser Investments Chairman and CEO Daniel P. Wiener. “It’s been our mission from day one to serve a wide range of clients, and we’re gratified that Barron’s has again taken notice.”

The Barron’s rankings act as an industry scorecard for wealth management professionals and a guide for individual investors who may be seeking financial help.

To be nominated, advisers complete a detailed survey about their practice. The pool of nominees is then screened to determine the top 100. Recognizing that clients’ goals vary, investment performance is not an explicit criterion.

Earlier in 2017, Barron’s also recognized Adviser Investments on its list of the “Top Massachusetts Financial Advisors” for the fifth year in a row.

“Adviser Investments ranks as one of the largest independent wealth advisers in the country,” said Daniel Silver, the company’s president. “But we continue to offer the same personalized services we did when we were one-tenth the size, and expect to do so for decades to come.”

In pursuit of that goal, in February 2017, Adviser Investments acquired Braver Wealth Management, LLC, adding Braver’s institutional expertise in financial planning services and quantitative tactical strategies to the firm, enhancing its suite of wealth management solutions for clients with a broad range of investment and lifestyle objectives.

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To learn more about Adviser Investments’ services, please contact Dick Veidenheimer, director of client services, at (800) 492-6868.

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About Adviser Investments

Adviser Investments and its subsidiaries operate as an independent, professional money management firm with particular expertise in Fidelity and Vanguard mutual funds, actively managed mutual fund and exchange-traded fund portfolio construction, quantitative tactical strategies and financial planning services.  

With more than 3,500 clients and over $4.9 billion under management, Adviser Investments is one of the nation’s largest registered investment advisers. Our investment professionals focus on helping individual investors, trusts, foundations and institutions meet their investment goals. Our minimum account size is $350,000.

For more information, please visit or call 800-492-6868.

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Barron’s 2017 Top Massachusetts Financial Advisor award is based on assets under management, total revenues, regulatory record, quality of practice as determined by Barron’s and philanthropic work. Rankings are based on data provided by over 4,000 financial advisers nationwide; 30 Massachusetts financial advisers were named to the Massachusetts list.

Awards are not indicative of future performance. 

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