Air India flight denied take-off in USA over missing seatbelt tags

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A New Delhi-bound Air India flight was denied permission for take-off by authorities after tag numbers in several of its seat belts were found missing.

A Times of India report said that the issue emerged after a surprise check by the Federal Aviation Authority on Friday at the Chicago O’Hare International Airport.

Though not a security threat, authorities did not allow the flight to take off without the mandatory tags bearing their technical standard order (TSO) number. As many as 44 passenger seats and 12 flight attendant seats were affected by the hold-up.

The plane departed eight hours after the scheduled time when seat belt tags from another Air India flight parked in New York was brought via a Delta plane and replaced in the New Delhi bound flight. Air India, however, is not happy and an official said that the FAA is subjecting the carrier for stringent check-ups.

“The seat belts were perfectly fine. Only some had tags worn out. This is an instance of impractical or irrelevant stipulations being imposed on Air India by FAA. However, we would take necessary action to ensure such things don’t recur. A lot of new seat belts have been ordered.” said the Air India’s spokesperson.

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