AL Election | Song Pek Kei’s team focus on recruitment of high officials

Song Pek Kei (left) campaigns along with Chan Meng Kam

Song Pek Kei, the first candidate of Associação dos Cidadãos para o Desenvolvimento de Macau – in the No.8 list of the Legislative Assembly election – intends to help the region’s government to establish open recruitment mechanisms for high officials.

“Having been a lawmaker for four years, I think the current society still has many problems which need to be solved, especially its equity.  Therefore, I think someone must step [up]. As I have the opportunity to attend this election, I feel honored. I think it is very meaningful that I can do such [a] thing,” Song told the Times.

The candidate of the No. 8 list – which is backed by Chan Meng Kam – said another main element of her political platform is to improve accountability among government officials.

She also wants to push for the development of affordable housing and to establish better housing policies for youth.

“We want a regular application for public houses, policies through which the youth can rent houses before buying them, and [to] help the classes which have not been included in the government’s housing financial support,” declared Song.

On the topic of open recruitment for high officials, she said there is “[currently] an appointment mechanism which creates situations such as [government heads] appointing high officials who have close relationships with them.”

She added that this does not inspire public trust in the government, and prevents capable individuals from occupying the positions that might suit them.

When asked whether she is confident of winning this election, Song said that her team “sees chances ahead.”

“Recently, we faced [a] different kind of defamation, but I believe that justice exists in everyone’s heart. For many years, our colleagues spent their efforts on [contributing] to the society,” said Song.

Song told the Times that there have been a few online comments attacking and defaming her team, but expressed her hopes that her teammates could maintain what they have already accomplished during the current AL.

“Chan Meng Kam is not running for this election,” she stated.

Song’s team won three seats in the previous AL election.

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