Alexis Skyy Shares An Image Of Her Ultrasound On Social Media – Who Is The Father?

Fetty Wap’s old flame, Alexis Skyy, is currently pregnant with her first baby and she’s getting close to giving birth. The star of Love And Hip-Hop: Hollywood recently used her Instagram account to post an image of her ultrasound.

Skyy is allegedly in her first trimester and rumor has it that rapper, Fetty Wap, is the father of the child. However, no one official has confirmed if that is, in fact, the case.

As Celebrity Insider readers know, Alexis Skyy used to date Fetty Wap. According to sources, Alexis stole Fetty away from Masika not long after he impregnated Kalysha. Ever since then, the two reality stars have been feuding.

Fetty has not spoken publicly as to whether or not he is the dad to either of the women’s babies, but he did send a note to Kalysha saying he respected the way she “stood tall” against all of her aggressors. The singer and rapper previously wrote that he was “in her corner,” according to Kalysha.

After Skyy announced her pregnancy, Masika took to Twitter to write, “Abuick Dirt is planning a BIG REVEAL at the reunion. She’s gonna shock my by saying she’s pregnant with Wap’s 27th child egad!”

It’s an inside joke among those in the hip-hop community that Fetty Wap has so many baby mother’s that he doesn’t even know which one is which at this point.


No one is exactly sure what’s going on between Fetty, Alexis, and Masika, as there are conflicting reports on who is dating who and whose baby belongs to which man. Perhaps, the only people who have any idea are the trio themselves.

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