Amazon recruiting for 1,200 full-time positions ahead of opening at Omega (From Warrington Guardian)

ONLINE giant Amazon is recruiting for 1,200 full-time positions ahead of its opening at Omega later this year.

The building of Amazon’s latest fulfilment centre is progressing under the watchful eye of Prajvin Prakash, who will become the site’s general manager.

The centre is planned to create 1,200 full-time jobs and Mr Prakash said the recruitment process is ‘going well’.

He added: “I’m hugely excited to be leading our new fulfilment centre in Warrington.”

People will be employed in a range of positions from operations managers to engineers, HR and IT specialists to those who will be handling orders.

Warrington is one of four new fulfilment centres that the leading e-commerce company is opening this year.

Last year it announced that it would also be opening fulfilment centres in Daventry, Doncaster and Tilbury, creating more than 2,300 full-time jobs.

The Daventry site opened in February while the Doncaster and Tilbury locations will join Warrington in beginning their operations in autumn.

Amazon currently has 13 fulfilment centres in the UK including two in Doncaster and one in each of Coalville, Daventry, Dunfermline, Dunstable, Gourock, Hemel Hempstead, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Peterborough, Rugeley and Swansea Bay.

The firm will also be taking on around 100 apprentices across the country.

Of the 100, it is anticipated there will be at least 10 in Warrington or Manchester.

In March investor LondonMetric confirmed Amazon had taken occupation of its 357,000 sq ft unit in zone seven of the Omega South site.

LondonMetric funded the £30 million deal following its £47.5 million backing of The Hut Group’s 690,000 sq ft Omega South warehouse in 2014.

The firm has signed up to a 357,000 sq ft unit on the land.

Other firms Amazon will be joining at Omega include Hermes, Asda and Plastic Omnium.

The fulfilment process includes packaging goods that have been ordered before they are shipped to customers.

Amazon is increasing the size of its network in the country to meet increasing customer demands.

The Omega site – made up of Omega North and Omega South – is situated on both sides of the M62 on part of the former Burtonwood airbase.

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