App reviews: Calculator: The Game, Circuit Scramble

Calculator: The Game

The humble calculator has never been so fun.

Players in this game are presented with a goal and a limited number of moves in which to reach it. But you don’t have access to the full range of mathematical operations. You’re given just a few mathematical possibilities (i.e., +2, -4, x5) and also some creative tools (such as using the delete key to turn 200 into 20) to hit your goal.

In addition to being educational and fun, Calculator: The Game also manages to inject a little personality into the calculator character, which is an added bonus.

The game is ad-supported. If you get stumped, you can ask for hints — but if you need a lot of help, you have to pay for them. It is perfectly possible to solve the puzzles without paying.

Free, for iOS and Android devices.

Circuit Scramble

Looking for a little logic in your life?

Circuit Scramble applies the rules of how circuits work to this app game and asks you to flip the right switches to make everything flow.

Players are given just a few moves — it changes based on the level — to get things in working order.

The goal is to get everything working in the lowest possible number of moves.

The game is ad-supported. It has two modes: a Classic mode with 100 progressive levels and an Endless Mode that randomly generates levels.

This app won’t be a huge challenge for everyone, but it’s still a fun puzzler and an easy way to teach beginners of all ages about circuit-based logic.

Free, for Android devices.

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