ARM Pension Managers gets ISO certification on information systems management

ARM Pension Managers (PFA) Limited, a top Pension Fund Administrator in Nigeria has received ISO 27001-2013 on Information Systems Management Certification from the Department of International Trade, an agency of the British High Commission.

The PFA as at the end of 2016 financial year has assets under management of N494.37 billion, from N433.95 billion posted at the end of 2015. It also achieved a profit after tax of N2.53 billion in 2016, as against N1.90 billion in 2015.

John Woodruff, deputy director, Trade and Investment, West Africa of the Department for International Trade in the British High Commission presenting the certificate to management of ARM Pensions at the Lagos head office of the company said it’s a celebration of hard work.

“To have been given this certification, it means ARM Pension Managers Limited has shown great signs of quality, great signs of consistency and if you like, ahead of competition.”
Woodruff noted that it took the company about three months of handwork to be able to achieve this, and is expected the company continues with great policies, quality service and security of customer data.

Ade Ojedokun, head, Information Technology Department ARM Pension Mangers Limited commenting on the certification said it means quite a lot for the company because it is globally accepted and recognized.
“It has done a lot of things for us as an organisation. First and foremost, it has helped us to increase protection, client confidentiality, availability and integrity of our business data.
Ojedokun also said it helps the company to clearly define its policies such that operational efficiency is more evident; clearly define responsibility such that accountability and physical security is increased.
“Overall, it is taking us to that level where across the world; we are at par to any other organisation.”
For the pension industry, he said it means that the bar has been raised. “It means that ARM Pension has set the bar that is globally recognized, and any other PFA will need to tighten their belt to meet this standard.”
On the challenge, which the certification places on the PFA, Ojedokun observed, “I think the challenge is a straight forward one. It is that of continual excellence and continual improvement of what we do”
For us at ARM Pensions, the assurance we are giving to our customers is that we will continue to pursue excellence. It is an organisation that takes security very seriously. It’s an organisation that takes its clients data very seriously by making sure it’s secure and integrity is optimum.
“I think that is the message we are given to our clients, that if you are with us tomorrow is looking good indeed”.


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