Ask Joe: Why was ribbon cutting held before the USA Parkway is ready to open?

We are addressing a viewer question about the new USA Parkway.

Rolf in Yerington wrote in to ask why a ribbon cutting was held on Monday, August 28, when the USA Parkway is not even going to open for another two weeks.

I checked with NDOT spokeswoman Meg Ragonese, who was out at that ceremony where they drove several Tesla cars through the ribbon to kick-things off and mark the completion of the project.

She says the reason the ceremony was held Monday was to coordinate a lot of schedules, including those of Gov. Brian Sandoval and Lyon and Storey county officials.

The road is expected to open sometime next week. Crews are working on some of the final installation details like putting up some barrier rails.

The other reason for holding the ribbon cutting ahead of time is to make sure when the construction is complete the road will open instead of having to wait on a ceremony to get things opened up.

So that’s the explanation. We’ve seen it work the same way with other projects, like the I-580 grand opening. NDOT has learned that things tend to go a little more smoothly when you can get that ribbon cutting out of the way so that now they can focus on getting the road opened up. That should happen sometime next week.

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