Attorneys ask appeals court to rehear SRHS pension case with ful –

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Attorneys representing 240 Singing River Health System retirees want a full panel of judges to hear the case regarding the health system’s pension fund crisis.

Recently, three judges from the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled the class action settlement approved by a U.S. District Court judge last year wasn’t fair, reasonable, or adequate. Now, attorneys are asking that all 17 appeals court judges hear the case.

Appeals court sends SRHS pension fund settlement back to lower court

The settlement was set up to pay retirees 100 percent of the money they are owed through the pension over a 35-year period. The appeals court ruled there were no assurances in the settlement that the health system wouldn’t run out of money while paying the claims.

Attorneys Earl Denham and Harvey Barton represent the retirees. They said the appeals court’s decision was a small victory, but still left several legal issues unanswered.

Denham and Barton argue the rulings have national implications and could set a legal precedent on the topic. The attorneys said the precedent should be set by the entire bench of judges.

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