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INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – As parents help get their kids ready for the new school year, it may be hard not to flash back to the school supplies you got when you were a kid. Here are some of our favorites from our own schoolhouse days – some that are still on our kids’ lists today, and some that would probably baffle our kids to think about.

1) Trapper Keeper: If you grew up in the 80s, you probably loaded a Trapper Keeper notebook into your backpack every morning.

2) Scented markers, a.k.a. those markers way too many kids sniffed way too much

3) Spirographs were ostensibly for math. Pretty sure we just doodled with them, though.

4) 3.5″ floppy disks: Not as old school as their truly floppy 8″ prececessors, but solidly retro at this point. On average, they held 1.44 MB of data. A single photo from your smart phone, if sent at full quality, is probably 1.8 MB.

5) Graphing calculators: When the first graphing calculator was released in 1985, users thought the future had arrived. Today’s students… are less impressed.

6) Gel pens: The only thing cooler as a pre-teen was if you had black paper you could write on with your fluorescent gel pens.

7) Pencil sharpeners… or should we have just put pencils here instead? Have computers and tablets entirely taken over yet?

8) Composition book: Like the spiral notebooks that came after them, but less likely to let pages fall out.

9) Pencil toppers: We may have all used No. 2 pencils, but that didn’t mean we were all just a number.

10) Calculator watch: The original wearable technology, making sure you look McFly while doing basic arithmetic no matter what year you’ve time traveled to.

11) Multi-color push pens: Letting you switch from business-like black to casual blue, double-checking red or I’m-feeling-crazy-today green with the flick of a thumb.

12) Pencil grips: Before there were ergonomic keyboards, there was the pencil grip.

13) Pencil boxes: Tired of digging around through your backpack for that runaway glue stick or a new pencil after yours broke? Put all your loose supplies in a pencil box. …..Did anyone else’s always end up sticky from glue or crayon pieces?

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