Badin on the Move Four new businesses open this year | News

“Badin is open for entrepreneurs,” says Mayor Anne Harwood, as she welcomes new businesses Loafers and Legends, Teeter’s, Tho Pizza and Dollar General.

The town has worked to ease the way for new businesses entrepreneurship in town by streamlining municipal requirements and offering economic development start-up grants.

A new gateway to the Central Business District is planned for Falls Road with properties throughout the area available for start-ups. Along Roosevelt Street the town is revamping the General Business District streetscape which is already revitalizing the area.

“Knowing what new businesses face, Badin officials and staff opted to not only streamline the process by eliminating redundancy, but also to offer them assistance in meeting county requirements,” Badin Town Manager Jay Almond said.

Tho Pizza is one of Badin’s recent new businesses. Owners Tho Naovarath and his wife Phoudone quickly discovered doing business in Badin means having the town as an ally.

“Opening a business in Badin has been good for us,” Phoudone said. “Some cities’ rules are difficult. Badin is helpful and the people are great.”

Teeter’s owners Mike and Penny Eudy have restored 30 Falls Road to include an upper floor apartment with a retail shop below. The shop is managed by Penny’s sister, Deborah Lovan, and features antique, vintage and collectible housewares.

“We’re third-generation Badinites,” Lovan says of herself and the Eudys. “We love the town and look forward to doing business here.”

Entrepreneur Curt Dorsey, owner of Loafers and Legends, is experimenting with a new idea. He and several fellow Badinites have created a club, open to anyone who cares to join.

“This is a gathering place, somewhere to enjoy old friends and meet new ones,” says Dorsey, who believes Badin is being discovered for what he describes as “the secret little garden it is.”

Dollar General partner J. Ronnie Walsh of Venture Properties LLC, who does business across North Carolina, praised Almond for his conscientious advocacy on behalf of the town during the design of the new Dollar General building. Walsh also praised the cooperation between Badin town staff and planning board.

That environment is one Almond attributes to the town’s active efforts to collectively make opening a new business in Badin not only possible, but feasible and realistic.

“We want prospective businesses to recognize opportunities in Badin,” he said. “Whether that’s through optimized start-up processes or new business grants, we intend to be a partner and not an obstacle.”

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