Banned Books Week

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) – It’s Banned Books Week across the nation.

It was started in 1982 and takes place each year in the third week of September.

It’s in recognition of books that have been banned or challenged through the years.

The bans usually took place in schools or in public libraries.

The Bangor Public Library has many of those books on display this week.

“As a librarian and as a library we believe anyone should have access to any information,” said Reference Librarian Claire Davitt, “We certainly don’t want to force things on people but they should be able to read whatever they like no matter what their age bracket is. So we want the items to be available wherever they may be. So if people challenge it we find it a time to have a conversation about why,” she said.

The library has a Rebel Reader Tournament going on.

People who post a picture on the library’s Twitter or Facebook of themselves reading a banned book are eligible to win a prize in a daily drawing.

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