Bell Services Restored Following Accidental Fibre Damage

Bell says services have been restored throughout Atlantic Canada after what is being called accidental damage to multiple fibre network links earlier today.

There is no immediate word on where or how the damage occurred.

Bell says service was restored by rerouting and repairing the network infrastructure.

The outage affected thousands of Bell customers and other networks including Telus and Koodo.

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There is a major issue with the Bell communications system. The outage is also affecting other providers, including Telus, Virgin and Koodo. Cellular and other services have been knocked out. The outage is affecting other parts of Canada as well.

Bell says they are working on the problem, and they’re asking people not to call on their phones for non-emergency purposes or to test the lines. That will slow things down. Bell says they will be providing updates as they learn more. They say they do not know what caused the outage, and there is no estimate for restoration.

Telus is telling it’s customers that the outage affecting Bell Aliant, Telus and Koodo services is due to a possible fibre cut on the Bell Network.

The outage is affecting customers throughout Atlantic Canada including Newfoundland and Labrador.

Bell officials are working on restoring service as soon as possible.

911 service is working, but people may not be able to contact them depending on their provider.

In the event that people cannot reach 911, people have to contact their local fire department or police department directly. The RNC are asking people not to call 911 just to test the system as that will tie up phones at 911. RCMP are asking people to use the 911 service as the call will be rerouted to the appropriate detachment.

As for the RNC, you can call 729-8014, 8015, 8016 8017 or 729-8233.

The St. John’s Regional Fire Department says if you need emergency assistance, try your mobile phone, a neighbour’s phone or the good old pay phone. If all fails, you will have to go physically to the nearest fire or police station.

All first responder organizations are asking that people refrain from contacting them with non-emergency items until the communications system is back to normal.

Eastern Health says ambulances are stationed at locations throughout the St. John’s metro region for emergency response.

If the public is not able to get through to 911, they are being asked to present themselves at the nearest ambulance station or emergency department or call 777-6320.

Ambulances are located at the Major’s Path ambulance station, RNC Headquarters and the Kent’s Pond, Central, Mount Pearl, Blackmarsh Road, Topsail Road, and Paradise fire stations.

Debit service is out in many places, but taxis in metro can take cash and credit card. Many banks are beginning to close because of communications issues.

There is no estimated time of restoration. Stay tuned to VOCM for updates:

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