Best school supplies for middle school students

Even though it seems like summer just started to heat up, the new school year is quickly approaching and you’ll want to make sure that your middle schoolers start off on the right foot. With the heavier work load in middle school, it’s important for your kids to have the right supplies for class. 

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If you’re unsure whether you need to make a last-minute shopping trip, look over this list of the top 10 school supplies middle school students should have on their first day of school.

Pencils – Your middle schooler will need a stock of No. 2 pencils, mechanical pencils and colored pencils to use for assignments and projects in multiple classes.

Pencil sharpener – Choose a pencil sharpener with a compartment that catches shavings – your child’s teacher will thank you.

Eraser – Look for the old-fashioned pink erasers, which seem to work better than the character-themed variety.

Composition notebooks – Ask your child’s school which classes require composition notebooks so that you can purchase the right amount. In middle school, students will often use these notebooks for essays and science labs.

In middle school, students will begin to use a calculator for some math problems.
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Calculator – Your child will start using a graphing calculator in middle school, especially in pre-algebra class.

Ballpoint pens – Select a pack of ballpoint pens in a variety of colors, which your student will use for editing, underlining and taking notes.

Three-ring binder – Middle school students will use a three-ring binder throughout the year, but check with your child’s school to find out how large the binder should be.

Loose-leaf notebook paper – Students will need a supply of college-ruled, loose-leaf notebook paper, which they will use regularly throughout the year.

Ruler – For math class, students will need a ruler with both metric and English measurements.

Highlighters – As tests become more challenging in middle school, your child will need highlighters to make note-taking more effective.

Need a little help providing all these school supplies for your children? Check out these 15 ways to score free supplies before your kids head back to school.

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