Boris Johnson and Gerry Brownlee talk jogging at trade discussions

“Shall we get an historic photo? Wait, wait, wait, this is a symbolic moment.”

Handing him a letter from the UK Prime Minister he quipped, “It’s coming down the line in a fluid three-quarter movement. The ball’s coming back?”

Ahead of their meeting Mr English told reporters he had been looking forward to an “interesting” conversation with Mr Johnson.

Mr Johnson met with the pair to discuss trade and the rights of Kiwis in the United Kingdom.

Mr English said discussions had a strong economic focus but issues around visas for New Zealanders in the United Kingdom and cyber security were also raised.

“We had a pretty wide ranging discussion focused on our relationship and on the way that the UK wants to deal with the wider world positively as it moves out of the European a union,” he said.

Mr English said Mr Johnson had been open to the idea of a Commonwealth visa but that prospect was some time down the track. As is a free-trade deal with Britain post-Brexit.

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