Brexit – Vince Cable told to ‘recognise democracy’ after election ‘FAILURE’ | UK | News

Channel 4 News host Alex Thomson ripped into the Lib Dem leader after he bashed Labour’s announcement that it would seek to stay in the single market and customs union during a post-Brexit transition period.

The presenter scolded the former Business Secretary after he agreed with Labour MP Heidi Alexander, who also appeared on the programme and criticised her party’s move, calling for it to “unequivocally” fight to stay within the EU mechanisms.

Addressing Sir Vince, Thomson said: “Vince Cable [if] you go down that pathway that Heidi Alexander’s just opened you’d rerun every single election we’ve ever had – I mean, you can’t simply say that the people were ‘sold a pup, they were misinformed’.

“The people made their decision, you have tested it against their decision in a General Election, you lost badly, a couple of minutes ago you said ‘well, we need to move on from that’ but we don’t need to move on from that.

“You’ve tried, you’ve tested, you’ve failed – it’s time to recognise democracy.”

But the staunch Remainer fired back and claimed the issues of single market and customs union membership were “never properly debated” before the referendum.

He said: “The position is changing all the time, this whole issue about hard or soft Brexit, whether we stay in the single market, these were never properly debated at the time.

“There will be a decision point when the Government’s completed its negotiation and that will be the point at which to us, the British public again, [will decide] do they want to charge ahead with Brexit or stay where we are.”

The clash comes after Ms Alexander insisted the British people were “sold a pup” during last year’s EU referendum.

She told the news channel: “The British people were sold a pup during the referendum, we were told there would be an extra £350million a week for the NHS, which hasn’t materialised.

“We were told that we would be free from the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice, which the Government has now admitted is not possible.

“We have been told there’s a golden economic future out there for us when the reality is that a number of businesses are saying that they are looking at moving their operations overseas.”

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