Brisbane family use social media to appeal for information about stolen street library


August 29, 2017 11:10:41

A family in Brisbane is hoping word of mouth and social media will help them find their beloved street library.

The Dornoch Terrace Street Library in Highgate Hill was stolen on Monday, only a day after being put on the footpath.

Owners Laura Reece-Oresjo and Per Oresjo said the library was a labour of love.

“I took a two-storey dollhouse and I waterproofed it and made it to look like a little Swiss library,” Mr Oresjo said.

“We stocked it full with books and hoped that people would take and share their books.

“I was peeking out the window on Sunday night to see if anyone had taken a book but all the same books were there on Monday morning.

“When I came home from work to check what books had changed, I couldn’t as it was no longer there.”

A family left devastated

Ms Reece-Oresjo said the family was devastated.

The couple have taken to social media appealing for information in the hope that someone has taken the library by accident.

“I felt so sad, devastated actually, and the kids and Per and I have felt mopey about it,” she said.

“People do put things out on the kerb, so maybe people driving by may have thought it was there to be taken.

“We’re optimistic and we really hope that someone brings it back.”

Renovated to perfection

The street library was a family project, with Mr Oresjo renovating the dollhouse to ensure books could easily come and go.

“Per put so much time into this, he made 650 separate roof shingles for the roof of the house and there was a lot of discussion about the various techniques we used,” Ms Reece-Oresjo said.

“Our plan was to secure it, but we got excited that it was Book Week at West End Primary School and thought we would secure it later.”

In addition to the social media campaign, the couple have put a sign in front of their home asking for the library’s to be returned.

“We won’t ask any questions, we just want to get it back,” Ms Reece-Oresjo said.

The couple hope that people will donate books to start a new library if the original is not found.








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