By tempting Brussels on trade, David Davis hopes it will stop obsessing over the Brexit bill

Britain is leaving the European Union in order, as Theresa May put it in January, to become a “great, global trading nation”, so it has been itching to talk how it would secure free trade with the bloc from the moment it began exit talks. But Brussels preferred to kick trade talks down the road, insisting that Britain had to satisfy it first with its readiness to agreed to its demands on issues like how much it will pay as a Brexit bill and how citizens’ rights would be protected.

The British agreed to this format, but are now stuck in diplomatic deadlock because they neither want to give the European Court of Justice the right to police the lives of those living in Britain, nor agree with Michel Barnier that the huge bill Brussels has presented Britain with is “incontestable”. The amount being demanded has “come down from £100 billion”, David Davis confirmed on LBC this morning, but he predicted…

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