Camp fight: Cameras catch Bucs’ Noah Spence, Cole Gardner trading punches

It’s that time of training camp when players are asked if they’re tired of beating up on each other and eager to finally face an opponent, as the Bucs will do Friday night at the Bengals in their preseason opener.

Monday’s practice saw the first real scuffle of Bucs training camp, as cameras from WFLA caught defensive end Noah Spence throw a punch at rookie tackle Cole Gardner, who was filling in today as the second-team left tackle with Caleb Benenoch out with a minor injury. The video shows Gardner shoving Spence after the play, then Spence throws a punch at Gardner (still wearing a helmet) and Gardner returns with a punch of his own before players work to separate them.

We didn’t get the chance to ask Dirk Koetter about the fight, but it’s unlikely to be anything he’s too upset about in the second week of training camp.

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Camp fight: Cameras catch Bucs’ Noah Spence, Cole Gardner trading punches 08/07/17

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