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TOKYO: Casio Computer Co. Ltd. on Tuesday announced the release of two new calculator series based on the concept of “My Style,” for a total of six new products. Each of the new products is completely finished in a single-tone design, allowing users to express their personal lifestyle.
Half of the new products belong to the ‘Colorful Calculator’ series, which invites people to select their personal favorite from up to 10 color variations. The other half are part of the ‘Stylish Calculator’ series, which are for business people who want to express a personal style in a choice of up to seven colors.

The ‘Colorful Calculator’ series features high-impact colors.  The Mini Desk type is available in two models: the MS-20UC (12 digits / 10 colors) and the MS-7UC (10 digits / 6 colors). There is also a Portable type, the SL-310UC (10 digits / 10 colors).
The Stylish Calculator Series feature slim-profile calculators with beautiful, fine-quality texture rendered using alumite treatment, excluding the white models. The Compact Desktop type, the JW-200SC (12 digits / 7 colors), has a tilt display that can be easily adjusted. There is also a Mobile Desktop type, the NS-10SC (10 digits / 4 colors), and a Portable type, the SL-1000SC (10 digits / 7 colors).
The devices are built in with large LCD display with easy-to-read numbers as well as easy-to-operate keys. It also comes with tax calculation function for easy calculation of prices with or without tax and sales tax amounts. The two-way power technology protects the calculation data even if the solar-cell light source is interrupted during calculation.
Further, the Key Rollover function allows the next key to be pressed even when the current key has not been fully released during high-speed input. Also, function command signs (×, ÷, +, and so on) on the display indicate the current operation at a glance.

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