Cavaliers May Want More Compensation For Acquiring Isaiah Thomas

The mega NBA trade between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics involving Kyrie Irving and Isaiah Thomas may have hit a snag. Just days after the blockbuster NBA trade (courtesy of the Boston Globe) shipping Thomas and Irving to the Cavaliers and Celtics was agreed upon, it may be reversed.

It is being reported by Bleacher Report that the trade may wind up being voided after being consummated. The reason for that would be the uncertainty involving Isaiah Thomas’ hip injury.

The Cleveland Cavaliers had Isaiah Thomas in for his physical on Friday. The results of Thomas’ tests did not please the Cavaliers. They are now weighing their options regarding the trade for Thomas.

Trading with the Celtics for an injured Isaiah Thomas may have stung the Cavaliers a bit.

Because he is dealing with his hip injury, Thomas may come across as damaged goods. The one bit of solace the Cleveland Cavaliers can take is that he does not need surgery to repair his hip, according to Mass Live.

Thomas’ recovery does not have a surefire timeline. That is enough for the Cavaliers to take a pause on the trade. The Isaiah Thomas for Kyrie Irving swap will either get nixed, or the Cavaliers will be made whole.

Isaiah Thomas’ hip injury puts his trade to the Cleveland Cavaliers in jeopardy. [Image by Tim Bradbury/Getty Images]

The Cleveland Cavaliers are reportedly considering asking the Boston Celtics for more compensation (courtesy of Deadspin) for acquiring Isaiah Thomas. If the Cavaliers decide on asking the Celtics for more, the question becomes what will they seek for assuming the risk of Isaiah Thomas’ hip injury?

Additional draft picks could be sought out by the Cavaliers. They could perhaps ask the Celtics for a second round selection. If the Celtics oblige then the swap of Isaiah Thomas for Kyrie Irving will be made official. If the Celtics balk at the Cavaliers request, the trade is in jeopardy.

A reversal of the Isaiah Thomas for Kyrie Irving swap would be disastrous for both teams.

There have have been throngs of Celtics’ fans seen burning Isaiah Thomas jerseys, according to For The Win. It would be an odd feeling if his trade to the Cavaliers were to be voided.

It is likely that both the Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics will back out of their blockbuster NBA trade. Each player involved have already made peace with the deal as currently constituted. Isaiah Thomas was already getting prepared to play for the Cavaliers.

The same goes for Kyrie Irving with the Celtics. If the Cleveland Cavaliers ask for reasonable compensation for taking an injured Isaiah Thomas, it should be a mere formality that the Boston Celtics accept the terms.

[Featured Image by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images]

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