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Wagga could be leading the way in renewable energy resources. 

It follows the submissions of several development applications to build solar farms across region. 

If approved, one solar farm at Bomen will have a maximum capacity of 2.5 megawatts, generating approximately 3700 megawatt hours of electricity annually. 

Wagga City councillor Rod Kendall said the city had a history of welcoming greener resource alternatives. 

“We already have a reputation in that sort of field,” Cr Kendall said. 

“We are leading the way in recycling resources with a battery recycling plant and the recycling of auto oils.”

Cr Kendall said Wagga had plenty of good, fine sunny days, making it a prime location for such a development. 

“It shows other industries Wagga is a place to look to,” he said.

“Not just for trade industries but for new and emerging technologies.”

While the $2.5 million application is undergoing approval, Wagga’s mayor said he would welcome a “farm such as this”. 

A self-proclaimed alternative resource campaigner, Greg Conkey said the city needed to focus on reducing carbon emissions.

“This is a great step forward,” Cr Conkey said. 

“I have the support of other councillors as well.”

If approved, the 2.3 hectare development site will be built approximately six kilometres northeast of Wagga.

Global Solar Farms Wagga manger John O’Toole said the farm would operate year-round to generate electricity during daylight hours. 

He said the construction would only take a few months to complete. 

Mr O’Toole said generating clean energy resources was something he felt passionate about. 

Having lived near a coal-fired power station, “belching out smoke”, he said he was never comfortable knowing it was doing damage. 

“Cleaner is healthier,” Mr O’Toole said. “It’s a free resource from the sun… I can’t see why we do it any other way.”

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