ClinOne Increases Patient Enrollment and Reduces Patient Recruitment Timelines

DENVER, Aug. 28, 2017

/PRNewswire/ ClinOne released new enrollment data for a US-based rescue study. The average monthly enrollment rate 5-months prior to ClinOne deployment was 30 patients per month, while the 5-month post ClinOne deployment was 58 patients per month. This was confirmed by the global sponsor and represented a 93% increase in enrollment. According to Rob Bohacs, ClinOne CEO, “We’re beyond pleased in our positive impacts toward clinical trial enrollment and accelerating patients participation in potentially life-altering clinical trials.”

Clinical research site utilization of the ClinOne mobile technology was 98.8 percent across 87 sites. Only one research site did not utilize the mobile technology after deployment. On average, each site had 2.4 active, consistent users. Over a 6-month period, the system auto-generated 25,392 notifications across all site users, consisting of approximately 288 communications, reminders, and updates.

Mobile technology is reshaping the landscape of clinical research. Point-of care patient screening is a critical factor for maximizing enrollment for each research site. Screening criteria is rarely present during principal investigator and patient interaction within a treatment room, leaving an opportunity for clinical trial screening and consideration overlooked.

In addition, when competing studies are present at a research site (competing studies are present 72% of the time), the clinical trial with proper supporting technologies ClinOne is utilized. The research site will most-likely screen a patient for that study, versus the competing study as their screening information may not be present.

Lastly, sponsor-to-site communication is far below effective rates, ever through CRA lead communications. This study had 529 site users across 87 sites with a target of 2 emails and 2 mobile app notifications weekly. A sponsor project manager and a team of traveling CRAs fail 99% of the time to meet communication requirements. The ClinOne system generated 2,000 weekly emails targeted at each site user, based on their individual ClinOne utilization rate.

About ClinOne

Based in Denver, Colorado, ClinOne is a mobile technology company dedicated to transitioning research into a mobile environment to significantly improve how researchers and patients interact and engage with clinical trials.The company offers a full suite of mobile technologies to centralize research and deliver the needed clinical trial content to the right participants.ClinOne information platform aims to improve day-to-day engagement of clinicians, academic researchers, drug developers, and patients to help advance drug and medical device clinical trials.

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ClinOne Increases Patient Enrollment and Reduces Patient Recruitment Timelines

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