CNN ‘closing its eyes’ to ‘assault’ from Media Matters

Pro-Trump commentator Jeffrey Lord has hit CNN for “caving to pressure” from the liberal media watchdog group Media Matters after he was fired from the network last week.

In a column published Monday in the American Spectator magazine, Lord said his termination was a “mistake” for CNN and that it would serve as a bruise on the network.

“Again, CNN has the absolute right to hire and fire anyone they choose,” he wrote. “But in fact it is closing its eyes to a deliberate, repeated assault by Media Matters on the rights contained in that amendment. … For CNN to simply roll over for people like this is, in my view, a serious, serious mistake.”

Lord was fired last Thursday after he got into a public argument on Twitter with Media Matters executive Angelo Carusone. Lord accused Carusone and his group of behaving like Nazi Germany in targeting conservatives in media and in one of his tweets, he said, “sieg heil!”

He said in his column that CNN told him the comment was “indefensible,” though he said he was using it to mock Carusone and Media Matters.

Lord gained fame throughout the 2016 election for defending Trump on almost any line of criticism against his campaign.

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