CNN’s Acosta: White House Fixated on Bashing ‘Mexicans, Muslims & Media’

On the heels of his latest fiery clash with a White House spokesperson, CNN correspondent Jim Acosta accused the Trump administration of continually targeting the “three M’s.”

Sounding like a pundit last night, Acosta told Wolf Blitzer that the White House “at times … has had an unhealthy fixation on what I call the three M’s: the Mexicans, the Muslims and the media.”

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He said administration policy seems targeted toward “bashing” one of the three groups and it’s seen “time and again.”

Earlier on Wednesday, Acosta was blasted by White House senior adviser Stephen Miller at a briefing after he asked whether a new merit-based immigration reform proposal would be contrary to the iconic words on the Statue of Liberty. 

Dana Perino said on “The Five” that Acosta seems to believe he’s a commentator, rather than a straight news reporter.

“That is dreadful. You can’t say that,” said Chris Stirewalt, adding that reporters should keep those thoughts to themselves because the viewer or reader is supposed to get an impartial view.

He said Acosta should not cover the White House if he cannot separate his person views about the administration.

Watch the discussion above.

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