College Sports: Texas Tech quotable: ‘We got some guys that can make plays’

Texas Tech got the 2017 season off to a strong start with a 56-10 win over FCS foe Eastern Washington. Here are a few notable quotes from head coach Kliff Kingsbury and the Red Raiders after the victory.

Kingsbury on the Texas Tech defense:

“I thought the defense really played hard. That’s a good offensive football team. They score on every team they play, every Division I team. They put up a lot of points, a lot of yards, really good quarterback, good scheme. So I thought they played hard, created turnovers, got a stop on fourth down. So that probably stood out to me more than anything was their overall effort.”

Kingsbury on quarterback Nic Shimonek’s performance:

“He’s a good player. That’s what I’ve said all along. He’s an accurate quarterback, he’s got a really good supporting cast. When he doesn’t try to do too much and just goes through his reads and finds the open guys, he can throw it with anybody. So more than anything, just happy for him after four and a half years or whatever to grind it out, persevere, to finally get to start a game and win a game is awesome to see as a head coach.”

Kingsbury on big plays from receivers and running backs:

“They’re explosive players. We gotta find ways to get them in space and they can do that. We didn’t get Dylan [Cantrell] involved as much as we probably should have, but we got some guys that can make plays if we call the right plays.” 

On raising money for Hurricane Harvey relief:

“Whatever we can do, I’ve said it throughout the week, but I have a lot of friends that live down there. I lived there for four years, I love that city [Houston]. You hate to see what’s going on, but you love to see all the stories of heroism and all the people helping each other. They’ll get it turned around quick. It’s a small contribution, but I’m glad that Texas Tech can do what we can to help.”

Quarterback Nic Shimonek on starting the game 14-of-14:

“I did not know that. But I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m a very streaky guy. Same thing in basketball whenever I was in high school. If I hit two or three shots, I might knock the next seven or eight down. And the same thing, once you get in a rhythm, you kind of getting going. A few completions here and there, run the ball and keep them honest. It’s a good feeling to be rolling on all cylinders like that.”

Defensive back Jah’Shawn Johnson on Eastern Washington:

“They played just like us. They throw the ball around well, they run the ball, they’re up tempo, they try to get you tired and things. They have great skill players. You see the quarterback, he’s a very great player. He lost a couple of his receivers so he’s still getting used to the other guys. But they play well and win a lot of games. 

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