College Sports: Texas Tech’s end-around touchdown? You can thank the New Orleans Saints for drawing that one up

Here’s what Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury and players had to say about the Red Raiders’ 52-45 victory over Arizona State.

Kingsbury on wide receiver Dylan Cantrell’s end-around touchdown:

“That was a New Orleans Saints goal line play I saw. They’d run it to their tight end, and Dylan is a big and physical body, I figured we’d get one-on-one at the goal line so we took that chance.”

Kingsbury on Cantrell’s big game:

“He’s a talented player. That’s what’s fun, all four of those guys on any given night can really go off like that, and it happened to be his night. All of them made plays, but he had some big time catches for us.”

Kingsbury on the crowd after the rain delay:

“I thought the crowd was awesome to start the game. I think that really helped. After the rain, you never know what’s going to happen but they came back strong, they were making a lot of noise. Our student section was unbelievable. So I think that helped, and then the second half I just made some poor calls. Fourth down was an awful call, some other stuff that we could have put the game away and that’s on me. We moved the ball well, we executed well. They got going, their backs were against the wall, but I could’ve helped us finish that game.”

Cantrell on his touchdown rush to take the lead:

“We’ve had it in the install. We’ve been working on it for a couple of weeks. But, yeah, great job by the O-line. Great seal block on the edge by Donta Thompson cutting off that corner, and then just gotta find a way to get in.”

Cantrell on his career night:

“That’s one thing as a receiving corps that we work on every day and we take a lot of pride in is catching everything that comes your way. Nic [Shimonek] put the ball exactly where it needed to be every time.”

Quarterback Nic Shimonek on his mindset when the game was tied:

“You gotta score. Each and every drive no matter what the defense is doing or what the situation is, first quarter, end of the game like that, whatever the case may be the goal is to score a touchdown every drive. I was trying to calm those guys down a little bit. I could sense the, I wouldn’t say nervousness, but maybe anxiousness, urgency to make a play. I just wanted those guys to relax, stay within themselves. Ultimately that’s what we did and found a way to win.”

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