Commodities Daily Forecast – September 13, 2017


The gold prices have softened a bit on Tuesday’s session trading below the $1330 level. In yesterday’s session, the market closed the gap it made a couple of sessions ago, and it is expected to move higher. The Break above the $1330 level will be followed by buying into the counter and if it fails to move above then next support area will be $1320 level. …Read More


The silver prices moved around the previous day’s price range as it found bit resistive to close the gap higher. The market is expected to be under pressure and may move towards the $17.50 level in next couple of sessions. As North Korea fear sizzles out, the market will be less attractive. The break above $18 will bring in fresh buyings into the market. …Read More

WTI Crude Oil

The crude market mostly flat during the Tuesday’s session with slight positive bias. With inventory data coming out today, it is expected to give some directions to the market. The level above $49 will be resistive and is expected to go much lower towards the $47.50 level underneath. …Read More

Natural Gas

The natural gas market is turning out to be extremely unpredictive. The market broke the $ 3 level during yesterday’s session after moving in a sideways direction around the $2.9 level. It is expected the market will not hold this upside movement and will break lower anytime soon. Overall, long term fundamental don’t support the higher natural gas prices . …Read More

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