Commodity futures prices drop sharply in wake of new USDA production estimates

LITTLE ROCK — Prices for most commodities have taken a beating in the week since the U.S. Department of Agriculture released its Aug. 10 Arkansas Crop Production report.

kAm!C@;64E65 J:6=5D 7@C pC<2?D2D 4@C?[ 4@EE@?[ C:46[ D@C89F>[ D@J362?D 2?5 H:?E6C H962E 2== C@D6 E@ D@>6 568C66 @G6C a_`e J:6=5D] ~G6C2== AC@5F4E:@? 7@C642DED 7@C 4@EE@?[ 92J 2?5 D@J362?D 😕 E96 DE2E6 2=D@ C@D6 @G6C a_`e ?F>36CD[ H9:=6 6IA64E65 AC@5F4E:@? 7@C 4@C?[ C:46 2?5 D@C89F> 76==]k^Am

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kAm}2E:@?2==J[ E96 AC@;64E65 a_`f D@J362? J:6=5 6DE:>2E6D 24EF2==J 76== 7C@> da]` 3FD96=D A6C 24C6 😕 a_`e E@ ch]c[ H9:=6 pC<2?D2D J:6=5 6DE:>2E6D C@D6 7C@> cf E@ ch 3FD96=D] w@H6G6C[ ?2E:@?2= D@J362? AC@5F4E:@? 6DE:>2E6D C@D6 3J 2=>@DE fd >:==:@? 3FD96=D E@ 2 C64@C5 c]bg 3:==:@? 3FD96=D[ EC:886C:?8 2 AC:46 C624E:@? @7 bb 46?ED[ 72==:?8 7C@> 23@FE Sh]fb 2 3FD96= E@ Sh]c_]k^Am

kAm“}@G6>36C D@J362? 7FEFC6D 92G6 =@DE 2D >F49 2D da 46?ED 7@==@H:?8 E96 pF8] `_ &$sp C6A@CE[” $E:=6D D2:5]k^Am

kAmr@C? 7FEFC6D 4@?EC24ED 76== ab 46?ED 2 3FD96= D:?46 E96 pF8] `_ C6A@CE] r@EE@? 7FEFC6D 76== 7C@> 23@FE f` 46?ED 2 A@F?5 E@ =6DD E92? ef 46?ED] (962E 7FEFC6D 76== 7C@> 23@FE Sd]b_ 2 3FD96= E@ 23@FE Sc]hc]k^Am

kAm“%96 3@EE@> =:?6 😀 E92E E96 C6A@CE H2D C62==J ?682E:G6 7@C 4C@A AC:46D @G6C2==[” $E:=6D D2:5] “%96 52J @7 E92E C6A@CE[ J@F D2H 4@C?[ H962E[ D@J362?[ 4@EE@? AC:46D — 6G6CJE9:?8[ C62==J — EFC? =@H6C] xE’D 925 2 9F86 :>A24E @? E96 AC:46 @FE=@@< 7@C @FC 8C@H6CD]”k^Am

kAm%96 DE2E6’D @?6 >2;@C 4@>>@5:EJ E92E D66>D E@ 92G6 366? DA2C65 😀 C:46] (:E9 ?2E:@?2= AC@5F4E:@? 5@H? 7C@> 23@FE aac]` >:==:@? 4HE 😕 a_`e E@ 2? 6DE:>2E65 `ge]d >:==:@? 4HE 😕 a_`f[ AC:>2C:=J 5F6 E@ DAC:?8 7=@@5 52>286 😕 pC<2?D2D 2?5 DFCC@F?5:?8 DE2E6D[ r9:428@ q@2C5 @7 %C256 C@F89 C:46 7FEFC6D 4@?EC24ED 92G6 4@?D:DE6?E=J EC6?565 FAH2C5D D:?46 |2J[ $E:=6D D2:5[ E@ >@C6 E92? S`a A6C 9F?5C65H6:89E]k^Am

kAm|62?H9:=6[ AC@5F4E:@? 2?5 92CG6DE 😕 pC<2?D2D C6>2:?D 27@@E] y2D@? z6==6J[ 6IE6?D:@? H962E 2?5 7665 8C2:?D 28C@?@>:DE 7@C E96 s:G:D:@? @7 p8C:4F=EFC6 D2:5 8C@H6CD 2C6 9@A:?8 7@C DF?D9:?6 2?5 2 46DD2E:@? @7 C2:? =@?8 6?@F89 E@ 92CG6DE E96 >2;@C:EJ @7 4@C? E9C@F89@FE E96 DE2E6]k^Am

kAm“$@>6 @7 E96 62C=:6DE 92CG6DE:?8 3682? E9C66 H66<D 28@[” z6==6J D2:5] “%96 =@?86C :E D:ED @FE E96C6[ E96 >@C6 @FC A@E6?E:2= 7@C =@58:?8 8@6D FA] p?JE:>6 :E =@586D[ H6’C6 ;FDE ?6G6C 23=6 E@ 86E 2== @7 :E :?E@ E96 4@>3:?6]”k^Am

kAmq@E9 4@EE@? 2?5 D@J362?D 2C6 =:<6=J E@ 36?67:E 7@C 4@?E:?F65 >@56C2E6 pF8FDE E6>A6C2EFC6D] q:== #@36CED@?[ 4@EE@? 28C@?@>:DE 7@C E96 s:G:D:@? @7 p8C:4F=EFC6[ D2:5 E96 DF>>6C C2:?D[ H9:=6 AC@3=6>2E:4 7@C D@>6 2DA64ED @7 E96 DE2E6’D 28C:4F=EFC2= :?5FDECJ[ 92G6 96=A65 4@EE@? 8C@H6CD C65F46 :?AFE 4@DED]k^Am

kAm“|@E96C ?2EFC6 92D 96=A65 FD 2 8@@5 562= H:E9 C2:?72==[” #@36CED@? D2:5] “(6’G6 925 E@ AFE 2 =:EE=6 =6DD >@?6J :?E@ @FC 4C@A 😕 E6C>D @7 :CC:82E:@? 4@DED] ~?6 E9:?8 😕 E96 324< @7 6G6CJ@?6’D >:?5 😀 E2C86E DA@E[ 3FE E96 4C@A 😀 72C 6?@F89 2=@?8 E92E :E’D ?@E 8@:?8 E@ 42FD6 2? 64@?@>:4 AC@3=6>] xE’D ?@E @G6C J6E[ 3FE H6 2C6 4=@D6 6?@F89 E@ E96 6?5 E92E 6G6CJ@?6 😀 C625J E@ DE@A DA6?5:?8 >@?6J @? E96 4C@A]”k^Am

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