Construction underway for Virginia Tech’s drone cage

Construction is underway for Virginia Tech’s drone cage. (Photo: Devan Mello)

BLACKSBURG, Va. (WSET) — Virginia Tech’s new drone cage is taking shape.

Five of the framing pipes for the new cage at already up.

When its done it will be double the height it currently is.

The netting based cage is considered an indoor facility and because of that will not have to follow FAA rules for operating drones.

It will also allow researchers to study things they haven’t been able to yet- like withstanding weather. “Imagine some of those use cases where you want to deploy these aircraft systems unattended to respond to catastrophes or vehicle accidents or forest fires so you might want to place these aircraft systems well away from where you have people staffed, ” explained John Coggin, the chief engineer for the Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership.

The drone cage should be up and running this semester.

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