Consumer Alert: Jury duty scams


Serving on a jury is a civic duty, but some scammers may try to use that responsibility to steal money from unsuspecting people.

Officials say that the scammer will call a person and tell them that they missed jury duty and that they could be arrested if they don’t pay a fine.

If the victim calls the phone number back they may even hear an official-sounding greeting. But officials say that these calls, like fake IRS scams, are not real and are just ways for thieves to steal money or information.

The scammers will typically ask for payment in the form of a Western Union money transfer or a gift card.

The caller may even offer to “forgive” the fine, but only if the victim divulges personal information, such as social security numbers.

Consumer advocate Adam Levin says that people should never give the full social security number over the phone, and if a suspected scammer asks, hang up right away.

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