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Indore: The Indore consumer forum in its recent order has directed an IT company to pay Rs 80,000 to a fitness trainer whose website was promised to be developed by the company.

The petitioner Amit Sharma, a fitness trainer and a nutrition consultant, had entered into an email correspondence and oral agreement with the respondent company to build his client management services website between the period of January 19, 2015 and March 19, 2015.

The respondent company had quoted an amount of Rs 77,000 to do the task. The amount was paid by the petitioner to the company through cheques and net banking between the January 19 and March19, 2015. However, the respondent company failed to make the website despite receiving the amount for it. Thereafter, the petitioner on several occasions tried to contact it and its officials for his money, which was not returned to him, and neither was his website developed.

Based on the documents and exhibits submitted by the petitioner on record including his email correspondence and bank account statement the forum comprising of Neeta Shrivastav and MK Sharma observed that the IT company had not provided services properly to the petitioner even when legal notice was issued against him.

The forum not only directed the company to pay Rs 77,000 to the petitioner, but also ordered to pay Rs 3,000 to compensate for the mental harassment faced by the petitioner. The forum has directed the company to the pay the amount within a period of two months of the order, and has also directed to pay Rs 3,000 against the litigation cost incurred by the petitioner.

Advocate Surendra Gupta represented the petitioner, whereas the respondent company was absent from the consumer forum proceedings despite notices were issued to him.

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