Consumer Reports tests alternative bug repellents

You want to keep the bugs away, but limit your exposure to chemicals. And there are plenty of products that promise to help. But can they?

Wearable wrist bands are marketed as being a safer repellent because you don’t rub anything on your skin. When Consumer Reports tested two wearable wristband products, they didn’t keep the bugs away.

Clip-on repellents add a high-tech twist. You attach them to your waistband and a small fan circulates the repellent in the air around you.

The Centers for Disease Control says wearable foggers have not been “adequately evaluated.”

Consumer Reports tested the Off! Clip-on repellent and found that it provided “far less protection” than the best-performing spray-on repellents.

By the way, Citronella candles were also found to be disappointing.

Consumer Reports says products with deet, oil of lemon eucalyptus or picaridin as active ingredients generally did well in their tests.

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