Consumer Watch: Best deals on snack not always obvious

Quick ways to figure out how to get the best deals on snack purchases (KOKH).

When we’re looking to buy snacks or treats, making sure we get the most budget friendly option may not be top of mind, but Fox 25 Consumer Watch has your back with three ways to get what you want, and the best deal.

To test out sizes and find the best possible deal Fox 25 Consumer Watch bought a couple of treats that are different sizes. We weighed everything to make sure what it says on the bag is actually the truth, and figure out if the bigger bag or maybe the smaller one is a more budget friendly option.

Fox 25 Consumer Watch tested two types of Doritos. We went with this brand just because it’s popular, and are also testing some Andes Mints because, well, they taste good for people who like that chocolate and mint combo.

Here is what we found:

For both bags of the new Doritos Dinamitas, the weights were spot on. In this case buying the large bag would get you more for your buck. More than double the amount for less than a dollar more. In this case the large bag cost $2.50, and the small bag cost $1.69

As for you classic Doritos, the large bag cost $2.50, and was spot on when it came to the listed weight. The party size cost $3.98, and was just a fraction under on the listed weigh, but close. The party size is a good deal, but if you are interested in just having a lot of the product, buying two of the large bags would result in a cheaper cost per ounce.

Now on to candies.

Andes Mints in both sized had correct weights on both. In fact, there seemed to be slightly more than the listed weight, though this may have been because the content may not have included the weight of the individual wrappers. The large bag is the better deal getting almost double the amount for 65 extra cents.

So when we are thinking about budget friendly options when it comes to snacks, the bottom line is don’t be fooled by the packaging, sometimes, something that has less may actually look bigger. Be sure you are checking how much you are spending for the amount you are getting. Certain stores make the cost per ounce easier to determine. Places like Walmart will just have the info next to the product. Consider what you need the item for, and you may find that bulk buys are not always cheaper in the long run.

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