Consumer Watch: Getting organized fast

Downloading the right app could be a difference maker in handling your crazy schedule (KOKH). 

School is back in full swing, and some families might still be struggling with the abrupt change in their daily schedules, but some handing organization apps could help you better manage your time.

‘Today, is the day I get my life together,’ common famous last words before getting sidetracked yet again. Since chances point to you spending some of that limited down time on your phone, how about downloading an organization app to finally face your time management problems?

Remember the Milk– fun name and major organization app. This app is available on both Apple and Android. You can share those to-lists or assign tasks to a family member’s list. Talk about some high tech honey-dos. The app will also send you reminders about your upcoming tasks, so you never forget.

Evernote– a do-it-all classic. Like many organizational apps, it is cross-platform, so you can access it from any device. Make notes, and even save web pages you’d like to save and read later, when you have more time. Since it syncs to all devices, your to-do lists will be available on your phone even if you created them on your computer.

Google Calendar- If you just can’t keep track of what everyone has going on using google calendar to its full potential could be the answer. This is especially good if you have older kids. Everyone can be responsible for their own calendar. Link them together to keep better track of everyone’s schedule.

This is just a small sampling of the available and successful organizational apps and other tools. There are hundreds of organizational apps on the market. Be sure to check ratings and user comments to see what might work best for you. Expect most apps to be what’s known as freemium. Download and basic use is free, and if you require more space or additional tools, that will come with a monthly or yearly fee.

Fox 25 Consumer Watch recommends using the free portion of an app for a while, to make sure you like it and will use it, before paying for any extras.

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