Consumer Watch: Guilt free ice cream comes with a price

More ice cream options for people watching their diet are coming, but over eating can still cause problems (MGNOnline)

Guilt-free ice cream sounds like an unreachable dream, but some people consider it a reality

Halo Top, Artic Zero, and similar brands are some of the most popular store bought diet ice cream brands. Some people call it heavenly, while others say it tastes nothing like ice cream, but Fox 25 Consumer Watch finds out if it’s actually healthy.

A whole pint of ice cream for less than 300 calories with a decent amount of protein is real. If your main concern is weight management, diet ice creams are less of a blow to your waistline, but over eating these can cause problems of the digestive variety, because of a sugar substitute ingredient.

“So if you hear about a certain low calorie ice cream from a friend, and you can eat an entire pint of it , I would make sure that you do half a cup first to see how you tolerate it . That way you don’t go crazy with it the first time and just get sick,” says Greg Farris, MyoBrain owner and nutritionist.

The trouble for Farris sits with his overall nutrition philosophy and what he teaches clients: moderation and consistency as the key to success.

“Eating an entire pint of low calorie ice cream may not be a great idea. It may be better to have the self-control to have half a cup of regular ice cream on a less frequent basis,” says Farris.

Developing good and even bad habits takes time, and they can be tough to break, so if you are in the habit of eating an entire pint of ice cream, that could translate to other foods that are high in calories.

Farris and other health experts do say that this diet ice cream craze is a good option for people wanting to manage their weight, but that keeping healthy habits is just as important to your overall health.

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