Consumer Watch: Live music for every budget in OKC

A growing number of music venues make OKC more tempting to area artists (KOKH). 

Live music in Oklahoma City is more accessible than ever, and the shockingly low prices make this growing entertainment budget friendly.

Major headliners in large venues are very exciting the problem is that ticket prices may very well cost a hundred dollars or more. The growing number of more intimate music venues means you can save money while enjoying the growing live music scene in Oklahoma City.

Music lovers will tell you there is nothing like the energy of a live show. Places like the Jones assembly are trying to make that energy more accessible in Oklahoma.

“Oklahoma City is a thriving place and there is a renaissance happening here especially in the arts community,” says Graham Colton, The Jones Assembly Managing Partner.

Colton is an Oklahoma musician and Managing Partner of the Jones Assembly. He sees the increasing number of small stages in town as Oklahoma’s chance to keep its talent in the Sooner State.

“Whether it was local bands on our outdoor stage Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, or supporting local opening acts for the national bands coming through, we knew we wanted to include that, and have a connection to the local music community,” says Colton.

Tickets for big shows at The Jones Assembly often start as affordably 25 dollars.

Some shows in town can get even more affordable especially if you love relative newcomers. At the Penn Theater, John Dunning, owner of the Trolley Stop Record Shop also sees the music scene having an upswing.

“It is probably the healthiest it has been in many, many years,” says Dunning.

Tickets for shows on this stage are often free during the day, and under 10 dollars for other performances.

For dunning it’s about giving new talent a chance to grow and connect with the listener.

“There are some shows that come into these little places that are just really, really special just due to the atmosphere and the size and you know being close to the performer,” says Dunning.

Other smaller scale local music venues include the Tower Theater, The Criterion, and 89 Street Collective. Many other area bars also have live bands come in weekly. Affordable live music shows are growing in Oklahoma City– no matter your budget, you can rock out.

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