Consumer Watch: Selling your used stuff faster

More platforms for online classifieds mean a better chance of selling your used items faster (FILE)

The fight is on for where you sell your used stuff online.

It’s a battle between Facebook Marketplace and long standing platforms like Craigslist.

It’s been less than a year since Facebook Marketplace came to the scene, and people are using it. The new option could be steering customers away from places like eBay and Craigslist. Part of the charm is the ease of having everything in one place, as well as having a profile linked to the item that is being sold. Additionally, Marketplace’s relative newness makes it more likely that your merchandise will be seen.

No matter what platform a consumer decides to use, there are potential risks. When it comes to online shopping, the Better Business Bureau of Central Oklahoma says no matter where you online shop be actively cautious.

“What you really want to look out for, whenever you are making online purchases, is using websites that are secure,” says Kitt Letcher, president and CEO of the BBB of Central Oklahoma.

Security can be difficult to come by when talking about classifieds, and an additional issue is that money is normally exchanged in person when the items are picked up. If you are looking to buy and sell this way, it’s best to try and meet in a public place, and have other people know where you are.

Facebook is looking to expand from the current buy-sell-trade style. The social media giant recently expanded its categories to include jobs, and started a partnership test with eBay for a daily deal.

Industry insiders say that it is unlikely there will be a pay online option for user-to-user sales.

If you are looking to buy or sell more quickly, the best option is to use all available options in your area.

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