Consumer Watch: Three things to look for in a backpack

Finding a good backpack at every price point (KOKH).  

Backpacks are much more than a way to carry around books, they are often a fashion statement for students, but buy the wrong one, and you could mess up your budget or even your health.

There are three important things to consider before making your purchase. It’s not all about the price.

These are the Fox 25 Consumer Watch top three ways to make sure you are buying the right back pack:

Find your budget:

  • On the low end your looking at spending about 20 dollars.
  • Middle of the road between 30 and 80 dollars.
  • High end means one hundred dollars or more.

Deciding on your budget before you start shopping can keep you from overspending at the last minute. There are good options for backpacks at every price point.

Size and fit:

  • The bigger the back pack, the more a student can fit in it, that’s not always a good thing.
  • A backpack should not weigh more than 10 or 15 percent of your child’s weight. An easy way to check that is using a scale at home.

Check the fit:

  • Health professionals recommend backpacks be worn against the back with both straps on the arms.
  • The waist strap should also be used. If there is just a lot to carry, opt for a backpack that can convert from being carried on the shoulders to being wheeled around.
  • Backpacks with wheels are not necessarily more expensive than any other moderately priced backpack.

Kids can still have the final say if that is important to them. Select a few options that are the right price and size, and they can pick what really matters, the color.

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