Consumer watchdog reveals best supermarket breads

It’s a grocery staple in almost every Aussie household, but with countless options available, knowing which bread to buy in terms of taste, value and nutrition can prove a nightmare.

However, Consumer watchdog Choice has revealed which supermarket breads are best for all three elements.

According to Choice almost 11 million Australians are buying bread every week, with majority of individuals purchasing their loaves from the supermarket.

And while white bread is still the favourite, wholemeal varieties are growing in popularity.

As part of the investigation, Choice put 21 different bread brands head-to-head to determine which ones came out on top.

Here’s the TOP 5:

The bread which tops the list according to Choice is Lawson’s Stone Mill Wholemeal loaf ($0.82 per serve, or two slices rather) which has been awarded an overall rating of 87/100.

Experts have described it as a “great loaf with a good earthy aroma and flavour”.

However, it’s extra-large slices may not be suitable for all toasters.

A close second was Abbott’s Village Bakery Grainy Wholemeal which was given a rating of 86/100 and will set you back about $0.32 per serve.

“A substantial slice of bread with good colour and taste. Good structure with visible grains and nice soy grain particulate. Soft, open, dry texture,” an expert spokesperson told Choice.

Third was Burgen Wholemeal and Seeds with an overall score of 84/100 and a cost of about $0.58 per serve.

Experts described it as having a “sweet, nutty aroma and texture.”

Woolworths made it into the top five with its Wholesome Country Wholemeal loaf (83/100) which was the most affordable of the five at just $0.28 per serve.

“Light grain topping, nice full shape, versatile size. Slightly open, moist, tender crumb. Visible whole wheat grain throughout. Good nutty flavour and aroma. Doesn’t feel or look commercial,” the experts say.

Rounding out the top five was Helga’s Traditional Wholemeal with a score of 82/100 and a cost of about $0.39 per serve. It has a “nice shape” and “great nutty aroma” according to experts.


Dietitian and Spokesperson for Dietitians Association of Australia, Lisa Renn, said when buying bread Australians should look for the words “wholemeal” and “wholegrain” before checking fibre content.

“Next check for fibre content, the higher the better. One of the benefits of wholegrain bread is that it will contain all three types of fibre – insoluble, soluble and resistant starch – as it uses all parts of the grain,” she said.

She also warned shoppers to double check the salt content of their chosen loaf of bread.

Find out how all the other breads tested by Choice faired, HERE: table 

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